Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

September 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

According to The Sound of Music, the beginning is, apparently, a very good place to start.

(You really only need to watch the first 30 seconds of that, unless you love remixes of classic musicals.)

Today was the official beginning of the first quarter of my graduate school life at the Josef Korbel School  and I am so relaxed!  I’ll pretend it’s because I am completely caught up on the next two week’s worth of reading, that I’ve started working on all of my term papers, and I’ve been running regression models all day.  I’m definitely not calm because I don’t have my first class until Thursday night and that I’ve been unpacking and organizing my room and thus creating a false sense of accomplishment.  …LAY OFF ME, I’LL GET TO WORK SOON. I’m really excited for my classes this quarter, even though my advising session during orientation included this conversation:

PROFESSOR: So judging by your schedule this semester, I can tell you’re a returning Peace Corps Volunteer [PCVs have a shorter time at Korbel and usually take more classes per quarter].
MG: Oh, no…
PROFESSOR: Oh!  So you’re trying to finish up early then!
MG: No, not that either… I guess I’m just motivated?

We’ll see how that goes!  My classes this quarter are International Political Economy, Field Ops for Humanitarian Assistance, Civil Wars and International Responses I, and Statistics for International Affairs.  I’ll post more later, maybe after I’ve started on my readings for this week.



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