Missing DU MAID First-Year Recovered from Stack of Books

December 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

DECEMBER 19, 2011

First-year Josef Korbel student Morgan Gibson was assumed missing for weeks, beginning in mid-October. The timing of her disappearance lines up almost perfectly with her first midterm for International Political Economy, after which Gibson would have begun writing her final papers and studying for her statistics exam. Friends of Ms. Gibson claim she was last seen huddled over a laptop in the Driscoll study area, muttering under her breath about the relationship between food security and civil conflict.

“Morgan told me she didn’t realize how much time it would take her to finish her final papers,” says friend and fellow first-year Xian S. “She thought it would only take a little longer than an undergraduate paper…so did I. So did I.

Although Morgan’s exact whereabouts were unknown until Sunday evening, the search and rescue crew used her frequent Facebook posts, typically involving cats or dumb YouTube clips, as a clue that she was still alive, if not fully mentally intact. Ms. Gibson was recovered from what appeared to be a hibernation chamber made of numerous journal articles and books. It appears that, upon completion of her final paper, Gibson fell asleep clutching her copy of Social Statistics to her chest.

“What year is it?” demanded Gibson, upon waking up and scratching her Rip Van Winkle-esque beard. “Can someone get me a grilled cheese sandwich?”

With care and copious amounts of holiday food, Ms. Gibson should see a full recovery in time for next quarter and will be posting more on her blog.


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